What does?

Reduce print costs from now on!

When you do not have an exact printout of the company, you risk to spend money unjustifiably. Our solution, Printeeng, shows you exactly what your employees are printing, so you have a clear perspective on how you can reduce this type of expense.

  • Status
  • Reduce monthly print expenses by 30%.

  • Control
  • You know what your employees are printing, the printing frequency and the cost per page.

  • Know more
  • Monitoring the entire printing activity of the company and increase document security in the company.

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More Benefits


  • Monitoring
  • Volume, frequency and what is printed in the company.

  • Knor
  • Through dedicated reports, what is the cost per page.

  • Save
  • 35% the monthly printing costs of the company.

How Works

Increases your employees' actual work time!

Eliminate 20% of printing costs and reduce the impact on the environment.

Collecting real data by providing detailed reports about the print network activity of network users.

Cut costs by sharing this information with management. Employee involvement in cost-cutting strategy and awareness of actual printing costs..

Optimize printing equipment by analyzing the detailed information on the efficiency of each printing equipment

Cost control limiting print volume rights.