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Autonomous Service Delivery for Managed Service Providers.

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Adam Intop has the ability to resolve tickets without human intervention, silently and unattended. Powered by AI, Adam Intop is here to improve efficiency, increase performance, reduce downtimes and ease the workload of the support teams.


Recognize and Categorize

Currently recognizes more than 1001 automated scripts and is continuously learning. Tickets are automatically categorized according to their importance, impact and are solved instantly.


Fix and Recommend

Adam Intop solves tickets but also detects issues or potential risks on its own and recommends the best solutions to maximize the overall performance and stability of your IT system.


Versatile and Powerful

You can ask Adam Intop`s help by email, screenshots or chat and he is capable to deal huge amount of requests and tasks, improving visibly the efficiency of both MSP's support teams and end-customer.

Extra Benefits

Optimum Desk's Autonomous Service Delivery benefits:

  • Everything that Automated Service Delivery means, fueled by the power of AI
  • Improve service delivery KPIs and ROI
  • Up to 40% less headcount for MSPs
  • Over 70% of customer requests are already automated
  • Simplify service delivery and IT support for your customers
  • Ready to support 24/7 and capable to deal massive workload and data
  • Increase the organization's productivity and stability
  • User centric experience that helps you work smarter
  • Greater flexibility, adaptability and speed
  • Increase customer satisfaction

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