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Customer Interaction and Endpoint Management Software

C.I.E.M.S Endpoint Management Solution for MSPs for customers' PCs.

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Driven by our proprietary AI based agent, Adam Intop, Optimum Desk’s user-friendly Interface helps MSP keep in touch with the users to offer them real-time support and solutions to keep the infrastructure working properly. A solid foundation that will build a strong connection between you and your clients, by providing high-quality services through our management software for all endpoints.


Improve and speed up

The ticket creation process is now simpler and more accessible than ever at one click away from the end-user. It also shows system load information for fast optimization.


Protect and control

Devices, data and navigation are now safer than ever as Optimum Desk actively prevents malware and spyware to access and control the devices and network.


Remove and secure

Obsolete Add-Ons and software installed on your computer, causing low performance, compatibility, or security problems are now managed by Optimum Desk.

Extra Benefits

All the standard C.I.E.M.S functions plus additional benefits:

  • Extra protection layer
  • Core-isolation
  • Enable Protection Unwanted Apps (PUA)

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