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Device Loss and Theft Protection

Protectee Protect MSP customers from Device Loss or Device theft.

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Find out more about a lost device backup status, backup that you can do with one click, and in case of theft, you can physically track your device. You know precisely who and where the device is used and if a device exceeds the default location parameters.


Protect and Control

Devices from organizations always knowing their location, who used them and when they left the location parameters set by you.


Delete and Backup

You can backup or delete sensitive data from the lost device remotely.


Connect and Detect

The lost device can be connected to any close WIFI without password needed, so you can physically find it.

Extra Benefits

All the standard Protectee functions plus additional benefits:

  • Take pictures and print screens when a device is lost.
  • Delete sensitive data remotely and backup critical information.
  • Always protected

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