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Energy Saving Management

Saveenergee Committed to improve all IT assets through efficient energy management.

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This solution helps the employer verify which workers leave the computers turned on at the end of the day and automatically shuts them down. It detects which are the electricity consumers and empowers the company to control everything.


Monitor and Provide

Monitors the device usage time, letting you know exactly your cost saving, daily cost, yearly savings and the average money saved per device. Accurate reports about the consumption of energy in the organization.


Check and Control

The activity of employees, when they turn on or shutdown the computer with Smart Hibernation Function, that is stopping all the devices that are turned on and not used.


Manage and Reduce

How many devices are on Save Energy Mode and control your electricity right. Reduce electricity costs with 30%.

Extra Benefits

All the standard Saveenergee functions plus additional benefits:

  • Limit energy devices consumption in the network
  • Handle cost allocation
  • Identify cost-saving opportunities

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