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Proactive Network and Device Monitoring and Management

Proactivitee Proactive health-check hardware and software on endpoints, servers and network assets.

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Proactively in-depth monitors client endpoints, networks and computers, ensures issues are remedied before they even become a problem and gives you full customization of the alerting parameters.


Prevention and continuity

Prevent work interruptions and alert if issues are detected, increase the up-times thus productivity.


Control and take action

Receive real time information about potential system issues, intrusions or attempted security breaches and take action to prevent and reduce the negative impact of them.


Versatility and easiness

Issues are inevitable when leveraging multiple and complex technologies, but our easy to work with solution proactively identify and helps to prevent or fix them.

Extra Benefits

All the standard PNDMM functions plus additional benefits:

  • Prevent your customers business interruptions
  • Self-resolving solutions that are helping your customers prevent malfunctions

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